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Eloise's Christmas Trinkles Libro EPUB, PDF

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  • Libro de calificación:
    4.62 de 5 (306 votos)
  • Título Original: Eloise's Christmas Trinkles
  • Autor del libro: Kay Thompson
  • ISBN: 978-0689874253
  • Idioma: ES
  • Páginas recuento:48
  • Realese fecha:2001-07-04
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  • Tamaño de Archivo: 14.62 Mb
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Eloise's Christmas Trinkles por Kay Thompson Libro PDF, EPUB

Eloise LOVES Christmas, and she's spreading holiday cheer all over The Plaza Hotel. She has quite a bit of trimming to do: the halls, the tree, and everything in sight! And here's the thing of it: The best parts are dreaming of Santa coming to The Plaza and waking up to a gift that sparkles and trinkles. Ooooo Eloise absolutely loves Christmas.